WTO accession and implications for agriculture in the post-Soviet countries

Course Dates: 5 to 30 June, 2017

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Deadline 26 May, 2017

Participants Comments

Comments from the participants of previous joint FAO/UNITAR online courses on ‘WTO accession and its implications for the agricultural sector in CIS countries’ and "Resolving Agricultural Trade Issues through International and Regional Trade-related Agreements in the CIS Region".

"I think that courses carried out by FAO/UNITAR are very useful and relevant for participants from the CIS countries. The member-countries of the WTO have accumulated vast experiences in the resolution of trade disputes and negotiations, regulation and harmonization of agricultural markets. These courses help us to get familiar with this experience. I would suggest the course to be replicated at the universities. I would like to emphasise the enormous efforts of the course mentors for preparing the materials and very clear answers."

"Every module was organized professionally with its unique content, tests and discussion topics! Evidently it can be said, that 4 weeks of training have been much more interesting than my pre-course view of it. You have done a great service for us – participants. Thank You!"

"I am happy I have participated in this training. The delivery method was well thought-through — the materials were easy to access and understand. It is good to see that the mentors sought to talk with each participant and many important questions were answered as a result of this communication."

"Many thanks for the training! I participated in many online trainings and this training was one of the most dynamic. I hope to see more courses."

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn! In terms of the organization of the course, training methods, and the discussions – the course illustrates an excellent example of modern education."

"Active participation of the mentors in the online discussions revealed many interesting facts and brought many concrete examples."

"Very intensive and informative course, that was supplemented by the expert opinions on the diverse nuances of dispute settlement mechanisms, in particular within the framework of global and regional trade agreements."

"The knowledge gained will be actively used in practice."

"This was not my first online course experience, but I must note that nowhere before have I seen so lively discussions. This definitely facilitated the learning process. Personally, I learned a lot of new things and lessons from the experience of CIS countries’ WTO accession."

"I learned a lot from the training modules and forum discussions. The topic is relevant and many have come across it one way or another, but it is only after taking this course that WTO issues have become clear and articulate to me. I will use the knowledge I obtained here in my work and I am grateful for that to the organisers and everyone who participated in the discussions."

"The content of the course is full of very useful and systematic information. At the same time it was very well balanced in terms of time and difficulties."

"This was the first time I had taken part in online training and I am impressed at how effective it proved to be."

"The course gave me the opportunity to learn a lot from the practice of our friendly and fraternal countries of the CIS."

"For me, the discussions, during which I was able to get answers for my questions and exchange opinions with the colleages, were highly beneficial."

"The result was even better than I expect. The information shared by course mentors was very valuable for improving my professional qualification. I have the intention to continue participating in online courses organized by FAO/UNITAR. Thanks to the mentors who managed to make course informative and engaging from the very beginning."

"Thanks for this wonderful education! I will read all the additional materials in my free time. I was very surprised that although the topic was very complicated, all the related materials were very easy to read and understand."

"A big thank you for these excellent materials! Module quizzes are wonderful; it helped me to pay attention to the details. And thanks to all participants for their high level of interest paid to the course, the majority of the posts forced me to think, consult the legal documents and links broaden the outlook."

"For me as a professor and researcher, this course together with the previous FAO course is the platform for deepening my knowledge and receiving new information. Interesting materials, interesting ideas, interesting exemples and discussions."

"All my expectations for this training course were fufilled."

"The knowledge gained during the course will be sufficient to protect the most vulnerable producers – the farmers."

"I would like to thank all the participants and instructors for their skillful moderation and thoughtful discussion. The discussions really helped to understand certain issues in the context of trade in different countries."

"I would like to say that up to this day I was not very interested in online trainings, but this training has changed my opinion, I liked this training very much. I want to thank the FAO/UNITAR e-Learning Team. I would like to thank the highly qualified teachers for the information and the opportunity to pass the course. This training was very useful for me. I hope that this training will not be the last one, I would like to continue to maintain close contact with both the training team and the participants."

"A big thank you for organizing and carrying out this very interesting course! Both the content and form of the course (online training) were interesting. As a result, the course was very alive with active participation of course mentors and students. I want to say a special thanks to participants for their comments on different questions. Each participant received not only the basic knowledge but also a lot of practical information about the situation in other CIS countries. Thanks again to the mentors with whom I interacted and who guided me on these very complicated and less developed topics such as trade dispute resolutions."

"The program gave me the opportunity to expand the horizons of my knowledge on regulation of trade in agriculture at the international level."

"This course was very usefull and effective for me. I will use the knowledge gained in my work."

"The course is extremely useful for government officials and for the private sector."

"With the help of the discussions I have leant a lot about the burning and specific issues in international law."